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FEATURES (Published Date :12/10/2013)


Category :Global,U.S.A.,Africa
Though ostensibly questionable, the characteristic whimsicality of investors in the current global investment environment may be symptomatic of a very positive turning point in global affairs.


By Hui Ching-hoo
Category :Asia,China
Despite China’s enterprise annuities (EAs) having been in place for almost a decade, little headway has been made in terms of increasing assets under management and membership. EAs, which are the second pillar of China’s retirement system, are defined-contribution plans that supplement the employees’ basic pensions. They were introduced in 2004


By Paul Mackintosh – November 25, 2013
Category :U.S.A.
Post the Twitter IPO, venture capitalists (VCs) and financial advisors are all gung ho for tech again – with good reason it seems, at least if the latest Silicon Valley Tech Venture Capital Almanac from CB Insights is anything to go by
By Paul Mackintosh – December 2, 2013
Category :Asia,U.S.A.
It’s time to consider another subsector of the asset class – infrastructure funds – with Brookfield Asset Management Inc recently announcing the final close on its Brookfield Infrastructure Fund II “with equity commitments totalling US$7 billion, creating a global fund that will invest in infrastructure, with a focus on transportation, renewable power, utilities, and energy assets in North and South America, Europe and Australasia


By Hui Ching-hoo
Category :Asia,China
Despite China’s having avoided an economic hard landing, its overall economic recovery and future prospects remain clouded by the country’s slowing GDP growth, along with concerns around US quantitative easing (QE) tapering


By Toby Garrod
Category :Asia,Malaysia,U.S.A.
Asia’s financial eco-system is set for some definitive climatic shifts in 2014 as realisations hit home that bond yields in the region are set to hold at all-time lows (though are still high by global standards), while equity markets are shaping up on the back of what appears to be synchronised global growth
By Hank Morris
Category :Asia,Korea
The Korean distribution system for retail funds has always required the use of a distribution company. Traditionally this has been either a major bank or a securities company. Foreign banks and brokers have been eligible to distribute funds, but the large Korean banks, and secondarily the largest Korean securities firms have done the bulk of the business. The Korean authorities have not permitted asset management companies to distribute their funds directly. Rather they require fund managers to sign up at least one distributor to sell their funds to retail investors


By Stoyan Stoyanov*
Category :Asia
From an academic perspective, risk management decision-making goes beyond risk measurement and static asset allocation techniques. It can be argued that the non-classical methods are designed to use two basic techniques in finance – diversification and hedging – in a better way


Category :Asia,Japan,Global
The interest in Smart Beta strategies from institutional investors has increased markedly in recent years as challenging market conditions have tested more established strategies. Many active managers struggled to stay ahead of the curve through the financial crisis, causing investors to question the high fees they charge


By David Macfarlane
Category :Asia,Singapore
The past 15 years have seen significant progress in the development of real estate investment trusts (REITs) across Asia Pacific and the world. These advances have been achieved due to a general view by governments that REITs can help facilitate economic growth and encourage capital formation through broader public ownership of real estate


By Toby Garrod
Category :Global
Asia Asset Management delivered its ninth Brunei roundtable in November, bringing together key members of the regional asset management community from both the private and the public sectors to share ideas and exchange views on the latest developments in the regional industry


Category :Asia,Malaysia
Veteran fund manager Dr. Tan Chong Koay founded Pheim Asset Management Sdn Bhd (Pheim Malaysia) in 1994 and Pheim Asset Management (Asia) Pte Ltd (Pheim Singapore) in 1995. Pheim Malaysia is now one of the oldest boutique asset management companies in Asia. Asia Asset Management talks to him about the challenges and opportunities he envisages as we head into the New Year


By Maya Ando
Category :Asia,Indonesia,Malaysia,Philippines,Thailand
When investors consider a focus shift from small cap to large, or the other way around, it’s a question of how much to hold of one versus the other. Importantly, the target weighting should depend to a significant extent on fund size. Institutional investors like pension funds, insurance companies and similar organisations, tend to favour large-caps because of their expectation of stable earnings stemming from solid core holdings with less exposure to volatility


By Toby Garrod
Category :Asia,Global
A spokesperson from Legg Mason Capital Management (LMCM) told Asia Asset Management on January 16 that the firm was to integrate with its largest US affiliate ClearBridge Asset Management, likely in the third quarter of 2013. LMCM’s Baltimore-based team will continue to be led by Sam Peters, who took over management of the LMCM Value strategy in May 2012


By Paul Mackintosh
Category :Global,U.S.A.
Global emerging markets have long been presented as a major reservoir for growth in a world starved for yield and anxious to rediscover ways to put its savings glut and capital surpluses to work


By Hui Ching-hoo
Category :Asia,Global
The 2008 global financial crisis jolted global investors awake as to beefing up their risk awareness. And five years on, Allianz Global Investors (AllianzGI) has assessed the changes in this regard in the midst of sovereign debt distress and anaemic global economic growth by surveying 400 institutional investors’ senior managers


Category :Global


By Hui Ching-hoo
Category :Asia,China,Hong Kong,Korea,Singapore
Despite global market uncertainties, asset managers have not been deterred from revving up their business expansion into Asia. Asia Asset Management offers this quick summary of key financial service activities that have taken place in the region this year


By Arun Kumar Sarwal*
Category :Global
For the first 21 years of my life I had only known one country: India. I now have to pinch myself to think that I have travelled to every continent and visited more than 60 countries, done business in over 30 and lived in seven in just a matter of a few decades


By V G Kulkarni
Category :Asia,Thailand
He managed to win a landslide victory for his political party in 2011 from his exile base in Dubai. He also runs the Thai government through a proxy prime minister – his youngest sister. He is hated by large sections of the urban Thai population, yet admired by a larger number of their country cousins. Billionaire Thaksin Shinawatra symbolises the deep divisions in the nation and the resulting large-scale street violence that erupts in Bangkok from to time


By Angela Pica*
Category :Asia,Australia,Global
In the aftermath of the global financial crisis (GFC), a continual flow of bad news, corporate scandals, corruption and bailouts have impacted global economies and confidence in capital markets. Increasing government intervention and higher debt levels, amongst other things, have led to increased volatility and investment uncertainty


By Tim Hamlett
Category :Europe,United Kingdom
And it came to pass that after the seven years of plenty there was a great dearth in the Kingdom, and the people petitioned the King, saying that he should do something. And the King, who was a conscientious man, agreed. But he did not know what to do in these circumstances


By David Macfarlane
Category :Global
For this edition of Marketwatch, Jim Balfour, senior global economist at Loomis, Sayles & Company and Chris Conkey, CIO at Manulife Asset Management, share their thoughts with AAM on how the landscape is shaping up globally and more specifically in the Asia-Pacific region


Category :Global
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