DEBT MARKETS (Published Date :3/7/2014)

Category :Asia,China,Global
Emerging market (EM) bonds, whether hard or local currency, RMB or rouble, have seen such a dramatic reversal of fortune as an asset class since former US Fed Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke stood up to talk taper in May 2013 that analogies with 2008 and the global financial crisis (GFC) itself have been drawn
By Paul Mackintosh
Category :Global
The emerging markets (EM) bond rout has been so sweeping, and so rapid, that the preceding EM bull market already seems like a different era
By Paul Mackintosh
Category :Asia,China
Renminbi bonds have become a particularly interesting subset of the emerging markets (EM) bonds universe, due in no small part to their role in the internationalisation of the RMB and China’s financial opening to the world, as well as their being an attractive investment proposition in their own right, offering exposure to the world’s most powerful growth economy
By S K Mitra
Category :India,Asia
2013 was a roller coaster in global financial markets. Huge liquidity grew out of the ongoing easy money policy in most developed countries
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