TRENDS (Published Date :3/7/2014)


By Hank Morris
Category :Asia,Korea
It was recently reported on an online news platform that the Korean authorities intend to ban segregated accounts starting in January 2015. In fact, the term “segregated accounts” is not accurate in the sense that although the single-investor funds commonly used by institutional investors in the country are essentially the equivalent of segregated accounts, they are in fact standard domestic Korean market unit trust funds

Market Access

By David Macfarlane
Category :Asia,Korea
Korea’s upcoming online fund super-market, Fund Online Korea (FOK), is unlikely to have much of an impact on the country’s mutual fund distribution landscape in the short term. FOK is slated to be operational by the end of the first quarter.


By Hui Ching-hoo
Category :Asia,Hong Kong,Global
As guest speaker at Hong Kong’s annual MPF Awards on February 27, which were co-hosted by Asia Asset Management and MPF Ratings Limited, Cheng Yan-chee, chief corporate affairs officer at the MPFA, opened up proceedings with a lively insight which pertained to the interests of the MPF industry players gathered for the occasion. The following is an excerpt
By Hui Ching-hoo
Category :Asia,China,Taiwan
Taiwan’s Labor Pension Fund (LPF) defined benefit (DB) new scheme has put up NT$42 billion (US$140 million) worth of domestic mandates (absolute return) for tender, of which the funding will be allocated between six domestic external asset managers

Private Equity

By Maya Ando
Category :Asia,Japan
Mizuho Trust Bank and Mizuho Financial Group have started providing private equity services to local pension funds in cooperation with the Partner Group, a Switzerland-based private equity fund


By Hui Ching-hoo
Category :Asia,China,Taiwan
Taiwanese asset management giant Yuanta Securities Investment Trust Corp (Yuanta SITC) has been faring well in its efforts to consolidate its business following the merger between Polaris SITC and Yuanta SITC in 2012
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