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Category :Asia,Global
Terry Moore, fixed-income portfolio specialist, T. Rowe Price, tells Asia Asset Management how the US fund manager’s Global Multi-Sector strategy can provide institutions with both diversification and yield
Category :Asia,Global
David Tan, Chief Investment Officer, Fixed Income, Asia Pacific Region, Allianz Global Investors (“AllianzGI”), tells Asia Asset Management how its Flexi Asia Bond strategy can achieve both high-yield and diversification for an investor’s portfolio


By Derek Au
Category :Asia,China
China’s first-ever real estate investment trust (REIT) finally arrived in May when the Qihang Specific Asset Management Plan, launched by local brokerage firm CITIC Securities, landed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange


By Maya Ando
Category :Asia,Global
Philanthropy and investing do not make for natural bedfellows, and are traditionally considered mutually exclusive disciplines. Nevertheless, philanthropic investors are increasingly making efforts in developing the nascent space of so-called ‘impact investing’, or those deals that not only generate a financial return, but also have a positive impact on local economies and societies. According to one estimate by the esteemed Rockefeller Foundation, the global impact investing market will balloon to more than US$400 billion by 2020


By Maya Ando
Category :Asia,Global
Asia’s fund managers and investors are increasingly studying the investment models of the most prestigious US universities, such as Harvard, Yale and Stanford, as they aim to suss the secrets of the rationale underlying their asset allocations


By Hui Ching-hoo
Category :Asia,China,Asia-Pacific
To say that Asian investors are no longer overwhelmingly engaged in active investment strategies in the present market environment may be far-fetched, but it is partly justified. After all, active managers continue to pocket handsome fees from their clients, despite failing to beat the market


By David Macfarlane
Category :Asia,Global
To gauge the new thinking, practices, developments and emerging issues taking place in the global custody sector, Asia Asset Management invited Lawrence Au, head of BNP Paribas Securities Services in Asia Pacific; Michael Chan, head of BNY Mellon’s Asset Servicing business in Asia Pacific; William Mak, head of Northern Trust in Asia Pacific; Jitendra Somani, head of global custody, Asia Pacific, HSBC Securities Services; and Wai Kwong Seck, executive vice president, head of State Street Global Markets and Global Services, Asia Pacific, to share their thoughts on the current landscape


By Daniel Shane
Category :Asia,Philippines
After decades of financial mismanagement, the Philippines has emerged as one of the best performing regional markets for the year so far. The country’s main stock index is up by more than 17% in the year-to-date, while Standard & Poor’s has upgraded its sovereign debt for the second time in less than a year


By Derek Au
Category :Asia,Global
The sudden emergence of agribusiness as a major asset class in recent years has been driven by mushrooming growth in the world’s population and the resulting rise in demand for nutrition to feed it. Climate change and rapid agricultural innovation have also played a role in fuelling demand for these investments, which encompass everything from farming, to timber production, to biofuels


By Hui Ching-hoo
Category :Asia,China,Hong Kong,Taiwan
Taiwan is one of the most promising asset management markets in Asia, powered by fast-growing domestic savings and a welcoming regulatory regime. What’s more, the island’s asset managers have kept a sharp eye on the potential windfall birthed by the imminent liberalisation of its labour pension system, plus the launch of its RQFII scheme
By Hui Ching-hoo
Category :Asia,Taiwan
The pension fund for private school teachers was the first Taiwanese pension to introduce a member choice platform in 2013. The programme has fared well so far, securing inflation-beating returns. Still, many of its members remain poorly educated when it comes to selecting their fund choices


By Paul Mackintosh – Monday, June 23, 2014
Category :Asia,Global,U.S.A.
Preqin has picked up on a striking rise in fundraising for secondaries in its latest published research. According to the firm, “eight private equity secondaries funds have closed in 2014 so far, raising an aggregate US$13 billion in investor commitments
By Paul Mackintosh – Monday, June 30, 2014
Category :Asia,Global,U.S.A.
Is private equity losing its allure? That’s the talking point raised by a recent article in the Financial Times from Henny Sender – herself a veteran of private equity coverage in Asia and elsewhere. Her article title unapologetically claims that the “Best days of private equity firms could lie in the past”


By K I Woo
Category :Asia,Thailand,Global
Maybank Asset Management (Maybank AM) Thailand’s new chief executive officer will leverage more than a decade of global investment research and institutional experience to develop new products and services that will attract regional and global investors


By Daniel Shane
Category :Asia,Hong Kong,Singapore,Global
Hedge funds and boutique asset managers across Asia-Pacific are breaking free from the chains of archaic and cumbersome risk management and IT systems with the power of cloud computing, according to technology experts, despite some of the threats posed by data security concerns and shifting regulations


Category :Asia,Global
A number of accounting scandals involving Asian companies in recent years have left investors with costly lessons about financial reporting failures


Category :Global


By Robert Higginbotham*
Category :Asia,Global
As the head of global investment services at T. Rowe Price, one of the most exciting aspects of my job is meeting numerous interesting people from many diverse cultures. Working for a large global investment house, I am often confronted with a vast array of short and longer-term challenges on my travels, many of which are dependent on various cultural differences or divergent stages of economic development


Directory of Manager Appointments & Searches July 2014
Japan Focus


By Daniel Shane
Category :Asia,Japan,Global,U.S.A.
For this edition of Marketwatch, James Balfour, senior global strategist at Loomis Sayles; Wayne Lin, portfolio manager, Legg Mason Global Asset Allocation; and Leon Goldfeld, investment director, Amundi; shared their thoughts on how the landscape is shaping up globally and more specifically in the Asia-Pacific region


By V G Kulkarni
Category :Asia,China,Hong Kong
The organisers expected about 100,000 people to use their smartphones or tablets to vent their cyber-steam. But on day one of the informal expression of their political preference, more than four times that number exercised their choice. By the end of day three, the tally stood at more than 700,000, or about one-fifth of all the registered voters. Welcome to the unofficial demonstration of democracy, Hong Kong-style


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