FEATURES (Published Date :7/30/2014)


By Derek Au
Category :Asia,China
This year, the spotlight of China’s asset management industry has been thrown over internet money market funds (IMMFs), which have been proliferating due to the extraordinary growth of Tianhong’s Zenglibao


By S K Mitra
Category :India,Asia,Global
After the victory of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and its partner, the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), in the general elections under the leadership of Narendra Modi, the overall mood in India has improved


By K I Woo
Category :Asia,China,Hong Kong,Thailand,Global
Asia’s unprecedented three decades of growth has driven the formation of many family offices. These have resulted from the need to provide for the growing number of family members’ financial and material needs without interfering in their successful, day-to-day business operations


By William R Thomson*
Category :Asia,China,Hong Kong,Middle East,Pakistan,Global,U.S.A.,Brazil,Myanmar
The existing structures of world governance (UN Security Council, IMF, World Bank and the ADB) were essentially established in 1945, when the United States and Europe were predominant


By Charles Qin, Sandra Lu and Lily Luo
Category :Asia,China,Hong Kong,Global
Since 2013, “Hong Kong – mainland China mutual recognition” has been repeatedly mentioned in various governmental documents and reports. Officers from the CSRC and the SFC have indicated that they have reached consensus on six essential guidelines


By Daniel Shane
Category :Asia,Global
With more than 6,700 charter holders across 80 countries, the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) Association supplies the premier qualification for professionals seeking a career in alternative investments


By Derek Au
Category :Asia,Hong Kong,Japan,Global,Europe,U.S.A.,United Kingdom
The asset management industry is sometimes derided as being something of an “old boys’ club”, but there is mounting evidence to suggest that this could not be further from the truth, with female leaders now permeating every facet of the market


By Donna Chen
Category :Asia,Taiwan,Global
The establishment of Taiwan’s Ministry of Labor (MOL) in mid-February 2014 – a promotion of the old Bureau of Labor Affairs to ministry level – signified the increas-ing importance of labour issues on the island, notably financing for retirement


By Hui Ching-hoo
Category :Asia,China,Taiwan,Global
As Asian pension and endowment funds increasingly look to diversify their portfolios into the alternatives space, institutional investors are counting on the expertise of consultancies to help them make inroads into new asset classes, like private equity and hedge funds, more and more


By Jeremy Lam*
Category :Asia,China,Hong Kong,Global
It is widely believed that the regulatory guidelines implementing the mutual recognition initiative between Hong Kong and China will be issued on an auspicious date. Originally anticipated to be last Christmas and then Chinese New Year, yet another auspicious occasion has slipped by (namely the July 1 anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to China) leaving the fund industry to ponder what the future may hold


By Padma Venkat*
Category :India,Asia,Global
This year’s proxy season in India is seeing some unprecedented shareholder activism. Although there are only few cases so far among the 5,432 listed companies on the Bombay Stock Exchange, which has 25.7 million registered investors, they are steps in the right direction


Category :Global


By Hui Ching-hoo
Category :Asia,China,Hong Kong,Japan,Singapore,Vietnam,Global,Asia-Pacific
The Asian fund management industry has seen a hectic six months, spurred in no small part by a multitude of newcomers rolling out their brands in the region. Asia Asset Management takes a snapshot of their activities, including the establishment of regional offices, product launches, and pension diversification, in a bid to gauge their likelihood of success in the market


Directory of Manager Appointments & Searches August 2014
Category :Asia,Taiwan
Taiwan focus


By V G Kulkarni
Category :India,Asia,Global,Southeast Asia
In the hot and sultry summer many of our esteemed Asia Asset Management readers might be holidaying at a beach on Koh Samui or a Banyan Tree or Amana resort where casual is cool


By Hui Ching-hoo
Category :Asia,Global,Europe
For this edition of Marketwatch, Alexis Gray, an economist at Vanguard Investment Strategy Group; Joshua McCallum, head of fixed income economics, Kevin Barker, head of equity capability management, and Jonathan Davies, portfolio manager


By Paul Mackintosh – Monday, July 21, 2014
Category :Asia,China,Global,U.S.A.
Jack Ma seldom seems out of the news these days – as befits the entrepreneurial superstar behind the record-level Alibaba IPO due in August, potentially valuing his company at up to US$150 billion
By Paul Mackintosh – Monday, July 28, 2014
Category :Asia,Hong Kong,Global,United Kingdom
One of the more curious recent Asian outbound private equity (PE) deals has just closed with an investment by veteran and highly-regarded Hong Kong-based firm Baring Private Equity Asia (Baring Asia) in Cath Kidston


By Robert E Mast*
Category :Asia,China,Hong Kong,Global
Back in the 1970s and 1980s arrival in Hong Kong was much more of an adventure than it is today. The old Kai Tak Airport was widely reputed to be one of the world’s most dangerous


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