TRENDS (Published Date :9/5/2014)


By Hui Ching-hoo
Category :Asia,China,Hong Kong
Hong Kong-based asset manager Value Partners has set itself an ambitious goal; to join the league of global elites, empowered to do so by the resilience of the Chinese capital market
By Derek Au
Category :Hong Kong,Global,United Kingdom
London-based asset manager Schroders has extended its dedicated downside risk management strategy to its new Hong Kong-domiciled retail fund, as it sees a higher chance of a significant market correction

Financial Education

By Asia Asset Management
Category :Asia,Australia,China,Hong Kong,Singapore,Global,U.S.A.
More than 14,000 candidates worldwide successfully passed the Level III CFA exam during June, representing a pass rate of 54%, according to the latest figures from the CFA Institute

Sovereign Wealth Funds

By Daniel Shane
Category :Asia,Australia,China,Singapore
The world’s sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) are allocating the highest volume of assets via direct deals and co-investing since the global financial crisis, research showed, as the mega-rich institutional investors increasingly bypassed fund managers

Market Access

By Daniel Shane
Category :Asia,Malaysia,Singapore,Thailand
ASEAN’s Collective Investment Schemes (CIS), the cross-border fund passporting framework that includes Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, is now operational, financial regulators in the countries confirmed


By Daniel Shane
Category :Asia,Singapore,Global
Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (GIC), the sovereign wealth fund (SWF) estimated to manage around US$320 billion in assets, has warned of a tougher investment climate over the next decade as central banks scale back on easy money and cease unconventional monetary policy measures


By Maya Ando
Category :Asia,Japan
Japan’s Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF), which has approximately 126.5 trillion yen (US$1.23 trillion) in assets, is reportedly planning to create a new portfolio category for investing in alternative asset classes including infrastructure, real estate and private equity
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