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By Hui Ching-hoo
Category :Asia,China,Hong Kong,Taiwan
Robo-advisory services have become more widespread in Taiwan’s asset management industry in recent years as the Taiwanese government has identified financial technology (fintech) as a focal point for the island’s economy


By Joseph Cherian*
Category :Asia,Global
A common saying in the American South slang goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Diametrically, in the more enlightened Northeast, branding gurus and academics usually prescribe rebranding exercises for ailing entities.


By David Macfarlane
Category :Asia,Hong Kong,Global
Renowned French asset manager Thierry Mequillet retired from his position as senior executive officer for Asian joint ventures at Amundi earlier this year, bringing to a close a 38-year career in the banking and asset management industry, the majority of which was spent in Asia. In an exclusive interview with Asia Asset Management, he talks about the highs and lows of his career as well as his thoughts on the current state of play in the asset management industry


By Paul Mackintosh
Category :Asia,Global,U.S.A.
Whatever else the Trump presidency has done for America, or the world in general, it seems to have done wonders for gold. “Now’s the time for gold”, proclaims content provider Seeking Alpha, instancing the latest resignations and sackings in the White House as though these were market-moving information specifically geared to trigger moves into gold holdings


By David Macfarlane
Category :Asia,Hong Kong,Europe,U.S.A.
Real estate investment trusts (REITs) and other listed property securities have become increasingly accepted as a way to invest in real estate. The Asia Pacific listed property sector is a core component of today’s global real estate securities portfolios. However, while REITs are a major part of that, they remain somewhat less prevalent in Asian markets than in North America and Europe


By Liz Mak
Category :Asia,China,Hong Kong,Global
The heads of funds who had hoped for a quick turnaround in the fortunes of their poorly performing China business this year under Beijing’s renewed drive for cross-border initiatives are getting a dose of reality


By Hui Ching-hoo
Category :Asia,Global
An increasing number of Asian institutional investors are looking at passive investing strategies as a means to enhance risk-adjusted returns and diversify market risk


By Liz Mak
Category :Asia,China,Singapore,Global
A new industrial revolution is under way in the asset management industry, as the vast and now broadly commoditised computing powers are changing the way investors work in their search for ‘alpha’, or investment outperformance, via new financial technology (fintech)


By Paul Mackintosh – Monday, August 21, 2017
Category :Asia,Global,U.S.A.
This blog has not been short of comment on the current feverish fundraising climate in private equity (PE) – or the likely consequences for returns further down the line
By Paul Mackintosh – Monday, August 28, 2017
Category :Asia,Global,U.S.A.
Back to the big numbers again, because there’s one that really shouldn’t pass unremarked: US$24.6 billion. That’s how much Apollo Global Management LLC raised for its Apollo Investment Fund IX, now on the record books – for the present, at least – as the largest private equity (PE) fund ever


By Hui Ching-hoo
Category :Asia,Taiwan,Global
Taiwan’s Bureau of Labor Funds (BLF), the supervisory body which oversees the island’s largest labour pension schemes – with combined AUM of NT$3.47 trillion (US$114.7 billion) – is at the forefront of exploring new alternative investment ideas among Asian institutional investors.


Category :Hong Kong


By Nick Pollard*
Category :Asia,Global,Europe,U.S.A.
Millennials get a lot of ink and understandably so. When I researched what CFA Institute has been writing on this important demographic, it is predominantly focused on the 84 million US-based millennials


By Hui Ching-hoo
Category :Asia,China,U.S.A.
For this edition of Marketwatch, John Stopford, head of multi-asset income at Investec Asset Management, and Andy Seaman, a partner and chief investment officer of Stratton Street Capital, share their thoughts on how the global landscape is shaping up, particularly in the Asia Pacific region


Directory of Manager Appointments & Searches September 2017
Category :Asia,Japan
Focus: Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF), Japan


By Grant Leon*
Category :Asia,Europe,U.S.A.
Over the course of more than a quarter-century of regular business travel between Europe and Asia, the effects of globalisation have manifested themselves in a number of ways. Some (increased flight routes, visas on arrival, credit cards) have made it more convenient, while others (airport security, increased traffic, visas) have made it less so


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