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Tel: (852) 2547 7331
Fax: (852) 2548 9544

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1701, Singga Commercial Centre
148 Connaught Road West
Hong Kong SAR, China

Our team:

Publisher & Founder: Tan Lee Hock
Managing Editor: David Macfarlane
Associate Editor (Europe): Paul Mackintosh
Senior Finance Reporter: Hui Ching-hoo
Reporter: Natalie Leung
India Correspondent : SK Mitra
Korea Correspondents: Hank Morris and DK Song
Australia Correspondent: James Dunn
Contributing Editor: Elizabeth Dooley
Production Manager: Gim Chan
Web Administrator: Matthew Yeung
Manager (Hong Kong): Annie Ong
Asia-Pacific Marketing Director: Veronica Chung
Senior Event Operations Manager: Betty Kiang
Senior Circulation Manager – Asia-Pacific: Diana Chan
Manager (Malaysia): Annie Ong