INSEAD introduces advanced asset management programme in Singapore

16 December 2013   Category: News, Asia, Singapore   By Asia Asset Management

International business school INSEAD has announced the addition of a new programme to its executive education finance portfolio, launching in Singapore in June 2014. The advanced asset management programme is an intensive refresher course for senior asset managers, covering major trends and issues in asset management to equip them with a clear vision for the future.

Designed in response to market uncertainty created by the global financial crisis, the programme will teach participants to broaden their thinking to respond to the wider issues confronting finance professionals today, providing them with the insights to manage both long-run and short-run risk. From increased competition to heightened regulatory scrutiny and greater customer demands for transparency, asset managers are under more pressure than ever to update their market-knowledge and demonstrate their financial credentials.

“In developing this programme, we asked how asset managers can better balance risk and return in a post-crisis landscape,” said Professor Massimo Massa, who serves as the advanced asset management programme director, director of the INSEAD Master in Finance degree, the Rothschild Chaired Professor of Banking and Co-Director of the Hoffmann Research Fund. “The answer lies in a better awareness of both current industry trends and the human dimension of the financial sector.”

He added: “To perform more effectively and meet the changing needs of clients, today’s asset managers, financial analysts, mutual and hedge fund managers, financial advisors, brokers and investment & portfolio managers need a razor-sharp understanding of shifting market trends, fundamentals and dynamics. We have introduced the advanced asset management programme to specifically address behavioural finance knowledge, which is fundamental in steering portfolio investments to success.”

The applied finance programme reinforces INSEAD’s continued commitment to education in the finance sector, coming off the back of the successful launch of its Master in Finance degree earlier this year and the school’s recently-awarded Approved Provider status from the CFA Institute – a global association of investment professionals. The course’s content focuses heavily on behavioural finance and how human action can impact and influence markets – a new, specialised approach for INSEAD that will teach participants modern skills for long-term and short-term portfolio optimisation and complement their existing abilities.

Targeting experienced investment managers from long-only institutions, market-neutral investors and executives working in short-term investment houses, the intensive four-day programme combines lectures, case discussions and practical illustrations to cover three key topics:

  • Strategic asset management: trends and new insights – Divided into three distinct components, with an in-depth exploration of industry strategic insights. These sessions will provide participants with a solid understanding of the fundamental principles of asset management today, together with an overview of the instruments used to deliver results.
  • Stock selection techniques: new ideas for long-term investors – A focus on how to take advantage of long-term value creation, with particular emphasis on the determinants of long-term value, including new trends on stock selection for the long-run and the link to firms’ pay-out policies.
  • Arbitrage investing: behavioural strategies and arbitrage-based tools – providing insights into new techniques used to implement arbitrage (long-short) strategies. The first component focuses on new approaches with particular emphasis on the main ideas provided by the ‘behavioural finance’ paradigm. The second component focuses on the analysis of arbitrage-based strategies, expanding on the most recent research into mispricing based on limits to arbitrage and market frictions.