Japan’s Misaki Capital Inc to launch maiden fund

07 April 2014   Category: News, Asia, Japan   By Maya Ando

Japan’s Misaki Capital Inc is planning to launch its maiden fund, the Misaki Engagement Fund, by as early as May this year. The fund will invest in companies aiming to improve on their governance and profitability.

Yasunori Nakagami, former CEO and co-founder of Japanese fund-advisory firm Asuka Corporate Advisory Co, along with four other alumni, formed the company in October 2013. Masaki Gotoh and Takayuki Nitta, partners at the Misaki Capital Inc, said in an interview with Bloomberg that the fund will invest in ten to 15 publicly traded companies in Japan. They declined to elaborate on the initial size of the fund.

Misaki Capital Inc is seeking to profit from a changing landscape in Japan in which shareholders are encouraged to seek a dialogue with the companies they invest in.