Asia Asset Management:

A monthly publication focused on institutional fund markets and pensions in the Asia-Pacific region.

Widely read by finance professionals, the journal has established itself as a must-read industry publication. Asia Asset Management was launched in December 1995.



ETFI Asia:

A quarterly publication dedicated to providing in-depth coverage of ETFs and the indexing industry in the Asia-Pacific region. Complete with the most rigorous and thought-provoking analysis, research and commentary on index-related issues and investments, along with complete industry news and data, ETFI Asia is positioning itself to be the first port for those looking for comprehensive exposure to this increasingly central investment space.

For more information, visit etfiasia.com.



The Handbook of Asian Pensions and Other Major Funds: 

2015/16 EDITION
The handbook features interviews with senior managers of the major funds in the region, profiling their investment activities as well as their plans for the future. Each fund’s asset allocation will be detailed alongside its investment history, performance and the relevant managers appointed to manage each strategy. Specific areas covered include the following: 
Asset Allocation data, Investment performance, Size of fund assets and breakdown by asset class, Recent initiatives of the fund and future plans.

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