October 2021
AAM Magazine
October 2021

Winners 2021

The full list of winners is here (pdf 386KB).

Individual winners will be notified by the AAM team.

To honour all awardees, Asia Asset Management will be hosting a virtual awards ceremony on Tuesday, April 27, 2021. On that day too, we will be hosting a couple of online forums to discuss the latest issues and trends on pensions and investments.

Once again, we extend our heartiest congratulations to all awardees and we wish you continued success.

From all of us at AAM.

  1. Asia Asset Management does not accept any liability or loss incurred by the use of or reliance on the awards for any particular investment or investments.
  2. Asia Asset Management accepts no responsibility for the complete accuracy of data, products or materials accessed for these awards and therefore makes no representation concerning its completeness, truth, accuracy or its suitability for any particular purpose.