April 2021
AAM Magazine
April 2021


Webinar on 

ESG and Sustainable Investing: Why It Matters

Panel A: ESG and Sustainability: Issues, Challenges & Opportunities

Time: 1.45 pm - 3.05 pm

Points for discussion:
  • Coping with ESG data and different standards
  • ESG is managing tail risks
  • Striking a balance between measurement of financial vs ESG performance
  • Identifying green washing and steps to address

Panel B: A World of Alternatives

Time: 3.10 pm - 4.05 pm

Points for discussion:

  • New economy versus old economy
  • Digital disruption and impact
  • Move from brown to green in a world of net zero emissions
  • Role of transition bonds
  • Identifying new opportunities in alternatives in new regime

Date: April 27, 2021

(The webinar will precede AAM’s virtual awards ceremony on that day starting at 4.00 pm)

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Sponsorships for the webinar are still available. Please contact veronica@asiaasset.com or aongkl@asiaasset.com for further details.