November 2020
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November 2020
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Thailand regulator proposes mandatory ESG training for capital market participants

According to the Thailand SEC, the proposal also aims to create the “awareness of personnel in the capital market businesses on the ESG principles, for the benefit of investors and the capital market”
By Goh Thean Eu   
November 23, 2020

Thailand’s securities regulator is proposing mandatory training on environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles for fund managers, analysts and others working in the capital market when they renew their licence in order to promote sustainable investing.

The Securities and Exchange Commission says the move is aimed at creating awareness of ESG, noting that it’s a growing trend in capital markets globally.

The regulator says it’s promoting ESG principles in “all aspects of the capital market, from the areas of products, issuers, investors, and the preparation for readiness of intermediaries as investment service providers”.

“The ESG-focused business practice and investment help to promote sustainable investment,” the SEC says in statement posted on its website.

Fund managers, analysts, investment consultants and others working in the capital market will be required to undergo the training when they renew their licences, and will also have to attend refresher courses every two years.

The SEC wants public feedback on the proposal before December 11