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May 2024
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May 2024
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AAM academic adviser Joseph Cherian heads north by northwest

Joseph Cherian

Asia Asset Management (AAM), Asia’s oldest journal for the buy-side industry, is pleased to announce that its academic adviser Joseph Cherian, practice professor of finance at Singapore’s NUS Business School, will be heading back to his alma maters, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Cornell University.

Joseph Cherian

He has been appointed visiting practice professor of finance at the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management (Johnson) at Cornell, and practice professor of finance at the Asia School of Business (ASB), which is a collaboration between the MIT Sloan School of Management and Bank Negara Malaysia.

Both the appointments commence July 1, 2022 and will involve three locations: Kuala Lumpur, New York City (Cornell Tech campus), and Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Prof. Cherian, who has been working with AAM on various portfolio management-related research projects, forums, panels and written commentaries since 2015, was appointed as the magazine’s academic adviser in October 2019.

His most recent essays for AAM are on the investability of cryptos as an institutional asset class (February 11, 2022), and the financial feasibility of achieving lofty climate science and net zero targets within a certain deadline by governments and firms around the world (June 1, 2022).

Prof. Cherian will continue to serve in his faculty role as the bridge between the academic (theory) and financial industry (practice) at both his new affiliations.

“We are very excited to have Prof. Cherian returning to Johnson. His combination of academic rigour and extensive industry experience is exceptional, and we know he will inspire as well as educate the next generation of business leaders who are pursuing a Johnson MBA,” says Prof. Mark Nelson, Johnson’s Anne and Elmer Lindseth Dean.

At the ASB, Prof. Cherian will offer executive education programmes, as well as courses for the MBA and Masters of Central Banking programmes, both delivered in collaboration with MIT Sloan School faculty.

“We have enthusiastically welcomed Joe to ASB and our growing institution. I and others look forward to working with him in Kuala Lumpur as well as on campus at MIT in Cambridge,” says Prof. Charles Fine, CEO and Dean of the ASB, and Chrysler LGO professor of management at MIT Sloan School.

Tan Lee Hock, founder and publisher of AAM says: “We are delighted to learn of Joe’s latest appointments, and we very much look forward to working with him on the various programmes that he initiated while in Singapore; these programmes have been well-received by the investment and pensions community that AAM covers in Asia. ”

Prior to joining NUS in 2009, Prof. Cherian was managing director, global head, and chief investment officer in the quantitative strategies group of Credit Suisse Alternative Investments in New York. In that role, he had direct responsibility for over US$67 billion of client assets.

Prof. Cherian holds an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering from MIT, and a masters and doctorate in finance from Cornell, where he is a member (emeritus) of the Johnson Dean’s Advisory Council.