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February 2024
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February 2024
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Reshaping the tomorrow of investment management

  • China
  • Singapore

The investment landscape, characterised by high interest rates, escalating geopolitical tensions, changing growth model in China, is undergoing significant regime change, compelling investors to navigate complex challenges to achieve their investment objectives.

Fund managers are transforming their businesses to adjust to the new realities

Fee pressure and the emergence of new distribution channels imply a constant need to evolve to ensure asset managers continue to add value to clients, a vast majority of whom are still in cash, given the high interest rate environment. Consolidation amongst industry participants (both clients and asset managers) presents both opportunities and challenges, requiring investments in digitalisation to ensure we grow our business at scale. Evolving regulations, e.g. in ESG, also present industry participants with an ongoing need to keep up to date to ensure compliance with the varying regulatory needs in different countries.

How IMAS has helped in the transformation...

As a longstanding Executive Committee member, we’ve seen IMAS involved in many key initiatives to ensure that industry participants remain relevant and continue to build up key skillsets in this changing world. With the IMAS Investment Conference and Masterclass, it has helped the industry address key skill gaps in the areas of sustainability, digitalisation, real assets (alternatives), and artificial intelligence/machine learning. iLearn, the industry training portal has been invaluable in helping fund managers fulfil their CPD requirements.

As Chairperson of the IMAS Investment Conference & Masterclass 2024, we have designed it to be a unique forum of a captive buy-side audience. This comprises both asset owners and asset managers, senior level government officials and other senior level stakeholders discussing key long-term themes impacting the business. The vast network that IMAS has is invaluable for any ecosystem player interested in opportunities with the buy-side. Our vision is for IMAS to be the industry’s leading voice for 2024 and beyond.

Reshaping tomorrow

As investors around the world grapple with the new market environment, embracing an adaptive mindset and establishing a robust framework for seizing emerging opportunities, can allow investors to lead the way in navigating the forces of digitalisation, generative AI, and the growing emphasis on ESG. The IMAS Investment Conference & Masterclass 2024 will see the investment ecosystem come together to discover the blueprint that will help decision makers meet the challenges ahead with conviction and assurance.