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May 2024
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May 2024
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Staying ahead in the rapidly changing investment landscape

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The investment management industry is experiencing significant headwinds that are transforming business reality. Geopolitical factors are top of mind for policymakers and investors alike as changing power dynamics impact economies and markets, affecting supply chains and global trade. Adding to uncertainty is inflation and market volatility, which has made investors more risk conscious and mindful of their portfolio allocations and market exposures. Meanwhile, the ascent of artificial intelligence is reshaping the investment landscape, necessitating adaptations to our business models and decision-making processes. This evolution holds significant implications for asset managers, ranging from viewing AI as an investment theme to integrating it into our investment frameworks and enhancing our decision-making processes.

Navigating the new investment environment

To better prepare ourselves to navigate the new investment environment, the industry needs to come together to debate and explore these key trends and I am glad the upcoming IMAS Conference & Masterclass 2024 “Reshaping Tomorrow” will bring together senior leaders to share their perspectives on what lies ahead. Given the recent elections in Indonesia, I am very much looking forward to hearing Reza Yamora Siregar’s views on what lies ahead for Indonesia. As the Special Advisor to the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs, Republic of Indonesia, I am sure there will be valuable insights the industry can glean. I believe the new Managing Director of the MAS, Mr. Chia Der Jiun will share interesting perspectives on how MAS perceives the industry transforming and I am also anticipating fresh ideas from Amundi’s Deputy CEO Guillaume Lesage on how the asset management industry can ride the wave and power ahead, harnessing technology to transform our businesses.

Embracing the new realities of digitalisation

Digitalisation remains a key focus especially with Singapore’s vision to be a Smart Nation. The digitalisation wave sweeping across the financial sector has been reshaping the way investments are made, monitored, and managed. Technological advancements, data analytics, and AI-driven insights have become indispensable for staying competitive and driving sustainable growth. To help the industry capitalise on the opportunities brought about by digitalisation and navigate its associated challenges, there are specially-curated masterclasses in the IMAS Conference on the key technological thrusts confronting the industry. The Generative AI masterclass provides insights on how fund managers should strategically integrate Generative AI and machine learning to investors without compromising risk and ethical considerations. The Tokenisation masterclass offers a deep dive into the blockchain technology and the opportunities the technology introduces to the asset management industry, and showcase some of the real-life use cases deployed by the fund managers, as well as in the public domain such as the MAS-led initiative “Project Guardian”.

Reshaping tomorrow

As IMAS’ Chairman, I have seen IMAS play a pivotal role in shaping the asset management industry and provide a strategic platform to engage and influence the eco-system. The biggest impact comes from equipping industry professionals and investors with skills and knowledge in fields such as investment, technology and sustainability so they can continue to stay relevant and address the challenges ahead. In addition to providing a comprehensive suite of courses in its e-learning platform iLearn to help investment management professionals broaden and deepen their skills and expertise, IMAS provides a platform for senior leaders to come together to deep dive into issues through their masterclasses, at the IMAS Conference and Masterclass 2024. These programmes are aimed at facilitating the transition to the new economy and promoting agility, resilience, and connectivity that will strengthen the talent pool within the industry.

Staying abreast of the developments in the industry, and being agile to adapt to the changes will allow the industry to stay ahead and take charge of tomorrow. Identifying and seizing the opportunities embedded within these major trends, investors and the industry can champion positive change for a brighter future ahead. These insights will help the investment community in Singapore better position themselves in positively reshaping tomorrow in a VUCA world.