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June 2024
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June 2024
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Great Eastern Life Indonesia launches AI-powered sustainability fund

At least 80% of the fund’s NAV will be invested in stocks, Great Eastern Life Indonesia says
By Goh Thean Eu   
May 21, 2024

The Indonesian unit of Singapore’s Great Eastern Life Assurance Co Ltd has launched a sustainability equity fund that uses artificial intelligence in the investment management process.

The GreatLink SustAInability Equity Fund invests in stocks of the IDX ESG Leaders Index, using AI technology to identify “higher-moving stock patterns within a certain period as well as to optimise the investment portfolio”, Great Eastern Life Indonesia says in a statement on May 20.

At least 80% of the net asset value is invested in stocks and a maximum 20% in the money market.

According to Great Eastern Life Indonesia President Director Nina Ong, the company will refine the use of AI and review stock recommendations to ensure they are suitable for a customer’s investment strategy and goals and to maximise returns.

"GreatLink Sustainability Equity Fund is here to answer the needs of Great Eastern Life Indonesia customers who want to get protection and at the same time want to invest wisely through their contribution to a sustainable social environment," she says.

Great Eastern Life Assurance has more than 16 million policyholders and over S$100 billion (US$74.34 billion) of assets.