November 2021
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November 2021


Investments: Robeco to invest in companies that it believes will thrive in the net zero transition
By Goh Thean Eu   
October 29, 2021
Analysis: Dutch pension group says real estate sector accounts for 30%-40% of global emissions, but can easily decarbonise
By Paul Mackintosh   
October 27, 2021
Private Equity: Partners Group was an early mover in Asia Pacific with its first investment over two decades ago
By Paul Mackintosh   
September 27, 2021
Analysis: Revelations around DWS suggest senior management are critically out of touch on ESG
By Paul Mackintosh   
September 1, 2021
Analysis: First Sentier hires Melaney Halsey as chief people and culture officer
Analysis: ECB’s supervisory board chair signals readiness to take action against lenders for risky investments
By Paul Mackintosh   
July 7, 2021
Analysis: Deutsche Bank Chairman Paul Achleitner is due to retire in May 2022 after ten years in office
Analysis: G-7 says “natural gas may still be needed” on a “time-limited basis”
By Paul Mackintosh   
May 26, 2021
Analysis: Billions of euros of LNG projects were shelved or delayed in 2020 because they couldn’t find financing
By Paul Mackintosh   
May 20, 2021
Analysis: Biden is expected to sign an executive order for the US to rejoin the Paris climate accord
By Paul Mackintosh   
January 20, 2021
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