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June 2022
AAM Magazine
June 2022


Private Equity: Hopefully, the poll’s rosy picture of the current state of private equity is indeed the whole story
By Paul Mackintosh   
June 13, 2022
Analysis: French academics criticise remarks by Stuart Kirk, the now-suspended head of responsible investing at HSBC Asset Management
Private Equity: Funds pay for inflated deal sizes because they have outsize commitments from institutional investor limited partners
By Paul Mackintosh   
June 6, 2022
Analysis: BlackRock seems to object to the more prescriptive climate-focused shareholder proposals from the SEC
By Paul Mackintosh   
May 18, 2022
Private Equity: The merger will create an entity with roughly US$100 billion of assets under management
By Paul Mackintosh   
March 21, 2022
Analysis: Oligarchs, terrorists, tyrants and fraudsters certainly benefit from Switzerland’s banking secrecy laws
By Paul Mackintosh   
March 9, 2022
Analysis: Western sanctions isolate some 80% of Russia’s financial sector from the global financial system
Market Access: Amundi Institute is headed by Pascal Blanque, who was previously CIO of the asset management firm
By Goh Thean Eu   
February 18, 2022
Analysis: Spat comes as Europe’s recovery faces headwinds from rising prices and supply shortage
By Paul Mackintosh   
February 9, 2022
Analysis: Rising bond yields may draw investors as central banks hike interest rates to curb inflationary pressure
By Paul Mackintosh   
February 4, 2022
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