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December 2022 - January 2023
AAM Magazine
Dec 2022 - Jan 2023


Analysis: US pension funding shortfall for statewide retirement systems estimated to have risen to US$1.4 trillion in 2022
By Paul Mackintosh   
January 18, 2023
Analysis: The reforms are just a softer version of the approach that ended Liz Truss’s premiership
By Paul Mackintosh   
December 14, 2022
Analysis: The way the UK pension system moved in lockstep during the crisis suggests alarming uniformity in investment strategies
By Paul Mackintosh   
November 16, 2022
Analysis: According to Dulger, reforming the social security system “is as challenging as the energy transition”
By Paul Mackintosh   
November 9, 2022
Analysis: Use of leverage by pension funds comes under scrutiny amid rising interest rates
By Paul Mackintosh   
October 26, 2022
Analysis: The crisis may result in long-term changes to UK pension fund regulation and supervision
By Paul Mackintosh   
October 19, 2022
Private Equity: The pound’s fall to near parity with the greenback makes UK assets cheap for US buyout firms
By Paul Mackintosh   
October 17, 2022
Analysis: Investment into sustainability has received some strong endorsement from both sides of the Atlantic
By Paul Mackintosh   
October 12, 2022
Analysis: BlackRock pushes back on ESG deniers, Swedish firms call for “courage” to accelerate energy transition
By Paul Mackintosh   
September 14, 2022
Private Equity: Partners Group’s co-CEO says market outlook for deals and fundraising this year is “average-ish”
By Paul Mackintosh   
September 5, 2022
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