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November 2023
AAM Magazine
November 2023


Analysis: Flooding and record heat point to urgent need to transform economic models
By Paul Mackintosh   
October 11, 2023
Analysis: How will new regulations affect the future of wealth management?
By Paul Mackintosh   
September 13, 2023
Analysis: Will new Swiss regulations help clean up country’s wealth management industry?
By Paul Mackintosh   
September 6, 2023
Analysis: UBS takeover of Credit Suisse leads investors to question Switzerland’s status as global financial centre
By Paul Mackintosh   
August 30, 2023
Analysis: Court ruling raises questions about the relative attractiveness of Switzerland versus Singapore as a private wealth management hub
Analysis: Switzerland’s oversight of Credit Suisse was lax before its collapse, and panicky and ham-fisted after
Analysis: A risk premium would be a nightmare for Switzerland’s financial system
By Paul Mackintosh   
April 26, 2023
Analysis: Switzerland’s strict banking secrecy legislation did nothing to protect Credit Suisse
By Paul Mackintosh   
April 12, 2023
M&A: UBS-Credit Suisse merger will create opportunities for asset managers in near term, says Ricky Tang of Value Partners
Analysis: The move caps years of scandals and reform at Switzerland’s second largest bank
By Paul Mackintosh   
March 22, 2023
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