June 2021
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June 2021


Analysis: Moratorium on trans-Atlantic sanctions will help industries and industrial cooperation
By Paul Mackintosh   
June 23, 2021
Private Equity: KPMG appointed as a founding member of the Private Capital Data Standards Alliance
By Paul Mackintosh   
June 21, 2021
Analysis: Deutsche Bank Chairman Paul Achleitner is due to retire in May 2022 after ten years in office
Private Equity: Pensions Regulator says UK pension funds should limit exposure to illiquid assets to 20% of AUM
By Paul Mackintosh   
June 15, 2021
Analysis: The two-pillar plan includes “at least” a 15% minimum global corporate tax rate
Private Equity: Honest scrutiny and contrition will work better than flattering reports
Private Equity: Super League fiasco has stoked widespread anxiety about US private equity firms’ involvement in European sports
Analysis: There will be a lot of money available for environment-friendly plans
By Paul Mackintosh   
January 6, 2021
Analysis: A Harvard Business School lecturer warns of housing risk from reluctance to acknowledge climate change
By Paul Mackintosh   
December 23, 2020
Private Equity: Disappointing equity deal flow during 2020 could suggest that the asset class has a problem with capital competitiveness
By Paul Mackintosh   
September 28, 2020
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