Analysis: The view from Dublin reveals what London has already lost from the UK's impending departure from the European Union
By Paul Mackintosh  
Aug 21, 2019
Private Equity: The Softbank Vision Fund's latest results appear to demonstrate the viability of such a massive investment pool
By Asia Asset Management  
Aug 12, 2019
Investments: Refinitiv stake acquired in October when it was valued at US$20 billion, value in new deal $27 billion
By Asia Asset Management  
Aug 5, 2019
Research: Number of family offices increased the most in emerging markets, followed by Asia Pacific, North America and Europe
By Asia Asset Management  
Jul 24, 2019
Private Equity: Ownership may pull infrastructure towards a dangerous dependency on leverage
By Paul Mackintosh  
Jul 22, 2019
Private Equity: Vanguard’s reported plan may not be a harbinger of lower fees
By Paul Mackintosh  
Jul 2, 2019
Market Presence: AustralianSuper to open office in New York and expand staffing at its London office within three years
By Asia Asset Management  
May 29, 2019
M&A: EPF will lease the property back to Sports Direct for at least 15 years, The Sunday Times says
By Asia Asset Management  
May 28, 2019
Private Equity: Assertions that retail investors should dive into private funds overlook relative performance and other issues
By Paul Mackintosh  
May 27, 2019
Obituary: Death of David Gill, former managing director of the IFC’s capital markets department, marks end of an era
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