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May 2023
AAM Magazine
May 2023


Private Equity: With cheap borrowing costs at an end, it’s unclear if the valuations of the past will ever be repeated
By Paul Mackintosh   
May 30, 2023
Private Equity: Oaktree head says poorly-disciplined funds lending before rates went up are the most likely to have stressed portfolios
By Paul Mackintosh   
May 22, 2023
Private Equity: Rami Cassis warns that the industry must take immediate action to improve its image or risk “restrictive regulation”
By Paul Mackintosh   
May 15, 2023
Private Equity: Arm reported to be targeting to raise US$8 billion-$10 billion from the IPO
By Paul Mackintosh   
May 8, 2023
Investments: UK asset manager abrdn expects the Fed to cut rates in the second half of 2023
By Goh Thean Eu   
May 5, 2023
Private Equity: An asset class that’s probably overinflated and subject to the law of diminishing returns
By Paul Mackintosh   
May 2, 2023
Analysis: Is greedflation worsening inflation and threatening social stability?
By Paul Mackintosh   
April 19, 2023
Private Equity: It’s time for a shakeup of the industry now that the era of cheap money is over
By Paul Mackintosh   
April 11, 2023
Analysis: Banking turmoil exposes weakness stemming from years of rock bottom interest rates
By Paul Mackintosh   
March 29, 2023
Private Equity: The asset class’s dependency on cheap money came to an end with the Fed’s rate hikes
By Paul Mackintosh   
March 20, 2023
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