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May 2022
AAM Magazine
May 2022


Private Equity: The bankruptcy of Toys "R" Us is just one instance that validates Kanter’s analysis
By Paul Mackintosh   
May 23, 2022
Market Presence: AllianzGI will own up to 24% stake in Voya, whose assets under management will increase to US$370 billion
By Goh Thean Eu   
May 20, 2022
Analysis: BlackRock seems to object to the more prescriptive climate-focused shareholder proposals from the SEC
By Paul Mackintosh   
May 18, 2022
Private Equity: Lobbyists are spending millions of dollars to keep open a tax loophole favourable to the asset class
By Paul Mackintosh   
May 16, 2022
Analysis: It’s ironic that the complaint comes from a pension fund in Republican-controlled Florida
By Paul Mackintosh   
May 11, 2022
Analysis: Commentators are now saying family offices should be brought under SEC oversight
By Paul Mackintosh   
May 4, 2022
Private Equity: Softbank’s capital appears to have been crucial to the valuation of many companies, and possibly subsectors
By Paul Mackintosh   
May 3, 2022
Analysis: DiDi has set a May 23 vote on delisting from the NYSE
By Paul Mackintosh   
April 27, 2022
Private Equity: VC investment fell 19% in the first quarter, the largest decline in almost a decade
By Paul Mackintosh   
April 25, 2022
Analysis: New PitchBook index shows SPAC vehicles shrank 47.8% from 2018-March 15, 2022 versus 59.4% gain for S&P 500
By Paul Mackintosh   
April 20, 2022
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